By tsjones16, Aug 14 2019 07:12PM

This past weekend I spent 8 (intense) hours directing a staged reading of a new play by John Toussaint titled "Raza", a aburdist comic tragedy musical about lynching.

It's safe to say I've learned ALOT of lessons from working on this piece. Alot of lesons about myself as an artist and human that I am still unpacking (and frankly unsure if I will ever be done unpacking). Because I am a person who has more questions than answers usually -- the question that rises to the surface out of this experiene is "How do we hold ourselves responsible for the work we create and put out there?" As producers & artists, sometimes we are so preocupied with wether we can put on a show, that we don't stop to think if we should. Maybe it's time we start to think and upack that? I know I haven't finished unpacking it.

The golden nuggets that I have taken away/been reinforced from this experience are:

- There is always enough time to do the right work. ALWAYS.

- ActionTheater Work will never be valueless in emotionally high circumstances

- Readings are to bring the playwrights ideas and script to life

- In 8 hours you can get what needs to be done completed, but it is not condusive to a collaborative script or process. If you are looking to change the scrip and edit a script, it takes a workshop.


Raza - Jumoke McDuffie-Thurmond

Belladonna - Rachel Godfrey

Paps - Peetie McCook

Melony - Katie Grindeland

Black Chorus - Lorraine Kanyike

White Chorus - Gabriel Graetz

Stage Directions - Ma'chel Martin Jr.

Directed by Tonasia Jones

Play by Jonah Toussaint

By tsjones16, Aug 13 2019 08:20PM

Tonasia is beyond excited to join Greater Boston Stage Company & Front Proch Theater Collective in their production of The Three Musketeers. Tonasia will be playing to stage the formidable Madam Treville.

In this production of The Three Musketeers, it's all for one and one for all as D'Artagnan and the three musketeers fight to protect the ones they love from the sinister exploits of Cardinal Richelieu.

This action-packed, humor-filled and romantic take on Alexandre Dumas' classic tale reminds us that with strength, courage, wit, wisdom, and friends, you should always fight for what you believe in.

This "Swash-Buckling Riff on a Classic Tale" opens June 6 - 30th at Greater Boston Stage Company In Stoneham. Buy your tickets here! There are half priced/discounted tickets available through BosTix & Goldstar.


"While Tonasia Jones as tne musketeers' captain, now Madame de Treville, is fiery and fierce."

Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce's Choices

"Tonasia also gives a charasmtic and commanding performance as Madam Treville. Her interaction with the Musketeers land with drive and heart."

Jeanne Denizard, The Sleepless Critic

By tsjones16, Aug 8 2019 06:03AM

This past summer I had the amazing experience of Directing a podcast taping of Mara Palma's play "Octavia & Kleopatra". Mara Palma is one of my favorite playwrights & first people I met here in boston. She is a fellow colleague, friend, theater lover, freedom fighter, Shakeapeare nerd, and revoluntionist.

"Octavia & Kleopatra" is a play that imagines what would happen if these two legendary women had clashed. The Boston Podcast Players talk about discuss mining the past for strong female characters, Shakespeare nerdism, her plans for taking over the world, and a certain actor's theory about what is and isn't enough representation.

For more information, check out Mara's website:

You can also follow Mara on social media with the handle @marselissapalma and check out her New Play Exchange profile.


Marius - Kai Tshikosi

Octavia - Gigi Watson

Kleopatra - Tonasia Jones

Directed by Tonasia Jones

Stage Directions read by Allyson Lazar

By tsjones16, Aug 8 2019 05:59AM

Tonasia is beyond excited to join Boston Theater Company & The Boch Center in their production of Finish Line co-creted by Joey Frangieh and Lisa Rafferty. Tonasia will be bringing to list they amazing warm and funny Lee Ann Yanni.

The world premiere of Finish Line: A Documentary Play About the 2013 Boston Marathon will be presented by the Boch Center in association with Boston Theater Company at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre March 15-26. The play is directed by Joey Frangieh. Finish Line is supported by Highland Street Foundation, Cummings Foundation & The Boston Foundation.

The world premiere of Finish Line: A Documentary Play About the 2013 Boston Marathon brings a local story of recovery, resilience, and determination center stage. Through a transcript created verbatim from dozens of interviews, Finish Line uses powerful firsthand accounts to show how a community came together to heal and grow stronger after a tragic act of violence. Co-created in Boston by Joey Frangieh and Lisa Rafferty, the documentary style production features interviews from survivors, runners, doctors, police officers, journalists, clergy, students, and many others. Notable interviewees who contributed their stories include Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, news anchor Maria Stephanos, Life is Good founder John Jacobs, Massachusetts General Hospital trauma surgeon Dr. David R. King, 1976 Marathon winner Jack Fultz, and Boston Globe photographer John Tlumacki.

FinishLine opens March 15th - 26th at The Shurbert Theater In Boson. Buy your tickets here! There are half priced/discounted tickets available through BosTix & Goldstar.

For More Information Visit The Links Below:

Boston Theater Company



American Theater Magazine


Wicked Local

Broadway World

Boston Globe