The Every 28 Hours Plays

By tsjones16, Dec 8 2016 09:11PM

Tonasia is prud to be apart of Company One and The Theater Offensive's presentation of "The Every 28 Hours Plays" in collaboration with Oregon Shakespeare Festival and One-Minute Play Festival.

Every 28 hours in the United States, a man, woman, or child who identifies as black is murdered at the hands of a vigilante, security guard, or police officer.

the EVERY 28 HOURS project consists of 80 one-minute plays inspired by the work and message of Black Lives Matter, written by 40-plus playwrights who are part of a national movement initiated by theatre companies across the country.

Toasia will be performing the The Theater Offensive evening section. The Performance will be open to the public at The Museum of Fine Arts on November 5th, 2016 @ 2PM.

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